How much does a Teacup Chihuahua Cost?

There are many things that affect teacup Chihuahua prices, both in their direct costs and in preparing to bring the new puppy home.

Base Price for a Teacup Chihuahua Puppy

The first and most obvious cost is the selling price of the teacup Chihuahua puppies listed for sale by a breeder. It is important to note that the terms ‘teacup’ and ‘micro-Chihuahua’ are not a recognized breed-standard by any major canine association.

The American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club only acknowledge the micro-breeds in toy dogs as regular dogs. A reputable seller will not raise the price between their regular Chihuahuas and an “extra tiny Chihuahua” based off the size alone. Instead, their higher costs come from special health screens, papers, healthcare of the mother during pregnancy and labor, and other factors to ensure good health for the tiny, fragile pups. Nurturing a teacup is a time-intensive labor of love and requires significant attention by breeders.

Many buyers are simply looking for a pet with no plans to breed or compete. If working on a tight budget, there are free or low cost extra-tiny Chihuahuas found in local search sites, classified ads, and animal shelters. This can be an advantage with full grown dogs as the buyer is guaranteed the pet’s size. However, most will not come with papers and their state of health is not guaranteed. The Humane Society discourages purchasing puppies from pet shop’s because their stock usually comes from mass breeding facilities, also known as puppy mills.

Teacup Chihuahua breeders price their puppies from a grand to over five thousand dollars depending on the services they provide and the pedigree of the pet being sold. Reputable sellers often give their puppies shots and health screenings before they are posted for sale, which is added into the cost of the pup. Some also offer size and genetic health guarantees that replace a teacup Chihuahua or refund part of the payment should there be a problem. Extra services like obedience and potty training, microchip id’s, starting supplies, and return services can all affect prices as well.

Breeders also take pedigree and public exposure into account when pricing teacup chihuahua puppies they have for sale. If the parents are registered with the American Kennel club, or they are from the bloodline of an AKC champion, the price can be risen considerably. A teacup Chihuahua is often sold at a higher price if it is AKC registrable, has participated in any major events, or has appeared on television.

Factor in Shipping Costs

If a buyer is unable to pick up their micro-Chihuahua, the breeder normally has at least one shipping option available. Various breeders will hand deliver to homes in the surrounding area for a fee of  $100-250 dollars, to be paid in full before delivery.

Some breeders offer airline shipping services to buyer’s out of the area, where the new owner picks up their puppy at their nearest airport. This service usually ranges from $300 to $400 for shipping, handling, crate, and vet health shipping certificate. If the teacup Chihuahua requires an overnight stay during their trip, they are boarded in a nearby kennel equipped to care for stressed out pets in transit and brought back to the airport the next day. If the micro-pet takes more than a day to travel to their destination, the buyer should be prepared for an additional fee of roughly $100.00 a night in boarding fees when they pick up their pet.

A few breeders will transport micro-Chihuahuas over three months of age via ground transport if no other option works for the buyer. It is a very expensive option with shipping, insurance, and a shot to vaccinate against the deadly and contagious canine disease Parvo. The cost of transport from breeder to doorstep can be estimated by calling 1-800-ARE-PETS. However, reputable breeders use this method of transport sparingly due to the cost, stress on the pet, and potential for illness.

Prepping Your Home for Your Teacup Chihuahua Puppy

An often overlooked cost in teacup Chihuahua prices is the supplies needed to prepare to take care of them. Most will remember the fundamentals like food, toys, and grooming materials. However, many will forget items like cleaning supplies for ‘accidents’, potty-training pads, and brushes to clean up shed fur from furniture and clothes.

A crate or puppy pen is essential to keep a fragile teacup Chihuahua safe and secure when they are not supervised. Baby gates are also highly recommended to limit their explorations to certain areas of the home. Storage boxes for valuables and toxic materials will need to be bought if they are not in place already, and loose electric wires will need to be puppy proofed against being chewed.

Even time outside the house must be prepped ahead of time. Covered area in the yard near the door is recommended for outdoor time when it rains. If the micro-pet will be traveling a lot, a safety harness made just for pets will be needed to keep the teacup Chihuahua safe. Letting the puppy roam freely in the car is a hazard that can cause injury or even an accident. Especially if puppy distracts the driver by jumping in their lap or under their feet.

A collar, identification tag, leash and harness are also needed when going out in public. Regardless of celebrity trends, a purse is not a proper method of transport. It can cause smothering and does not restrain an excited pet from jumping out and injuring themselves.

Getting a new pet can be an exciting process, but the costs can quickly add up on an unwary new owner. Keeping all the factors that affect teacup Chihuahua prices in mind can help avoid sticker shock and keep the focus on introducing the puppy to its new home.